DrinkOBand update – DrinkOBand is open source

Since a few weeks, I was thinking about this step. Today it’s done – DrinkOBand is open source on github: https://github.com/kreuzhofer/DrinkOBand.

Since the development of the Microsoft Band was stopped and also the SDK was pulled, I have also stopped developing for the Band. The open source version goes even a bit further than the current version in the Windows Store. I have completely removed the Band support and all code that had to do with it. I also cleaned up the solution, so it should be more convenient to understand and re-use.

The store version with Band support will stay unchanged for the near future but I will update it soon to stop selling the Pro version. After stopping the Pro version sales, the cloud service will stay available for the current Pro users for the next 12 months. An app-internal communication will be sent out soon to all Pro users to prepare them for the next steps.